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In this video you will see how to fix 404 errors being generated by apple-touch-icon.png files. This method will also fix 404 errors being generated by files named:











  • Tutorial on how to fix Apple-Touch-Icon 404 errors for websites.
    - Presented by Tim Davis on "Maintenance Monday" (MM #202) on YouTube.
    - Sponsored by, offers tools and information for managing Joomla sites.
    - Tim noticed 404 errors for Apple touch icons on a client's Joomla site.
    - He used an SEO tool in the site's backend to identify the errors.
    - Apple touch icons like "apple touch icon," "apple touch icon pre-composed," etc., were generating 404s.
    - These icons are used to represent websites on Apple devices (e.g., Safari).
    - 404 errors can harm SEO.
    - Solution: Create and upload missing Apple touch icons.
    - Used "," a free service by, to generate icons.
    - Uploaded the icons to the website's root folder to fix the issue.
    - Pro tip: Downloaded icons from, copied favicon.ico to active template folder in Joomla.
    - Also mentioned fixing "apple touch icon pre-composed" issue by creating and uploading those icons.
    - Encouraged viewers to subscribe, like, and follow for more Joomla-related tutorials.
    - Video ends with a sign-off and music.

Monday Maintenance 202


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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