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The order and/or appearence of the Joomla Installer Plugins is up to you!




  • The video is titled "How to Manage the Joomla Installer Plugins - MM #273 - YouTube."
    - Tim Davis is the presenter, discussing Joomla installer plugins.
    - Mention of a free site audit offer on "my sites. Guru."
    - Tim shares his experience with Joomla and offers assistance for hiring.
    - Tim discusses an issue with the "install from web" tab due to server problems.
    - He advises against getting frustrated when technical issues arise.
    - Tim explains how to manage the order of Joomla installer plugins:
    - Go to System > Plugins.
    - Select the "Installer" type.
    - You can rearrange the order of plugins for convenience.
    - Tim mentions the option to disable certain plugins temporarily.
    - The video ends with a message to enjoy working on Joomla sites.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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