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Adding custom CSS to Joomla templates isn't just for frontend templates - you can do it for the admin template as well. In this video we'll see the how and a why to customize the css of the admin template of your Joomla site.


 - Title: "How to add Custom CSS to the Admin Template of Your Joomla 4 Website - 🛠 MM #241 - YouTube"
- The video demonstrates how to customize the admin template of a Joomla site.
- It is presented by Tim Davis on the "Basic Joomla Tutorials" channel.
- Tim uses an example of customizing the "Invalidate Cache" plugin button to make it red for better visibility.
- He suggests heading to "" for written instructions with a slightly different CSS code.
- Tim shows how to use the Chrome element inspector (F12) to find and modify the CSS code.
- The process involves adding custom CSS to the admin template, which is similar to customizing the front-end template.
- Steps include going to "System" > "Administrator Templates" > "Add some details and files" > "Create a new file" in the "atom CSS" folder.
- The new file is named "user.css," where Tim pastes the custom CSS code and saves it.
- After adding the custom CSS, the "Invalidate Cache" button becomes red, making it more noticeable.
- Viewers are encouraged to subscribe for more videos on Joomla and related topics.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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