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The video is titled "Introduction to Tailwind CSS in Joomla - 👀 Watch Me Work 070 - YouTube."

Join us as Anibal Sanchez of introduces us to TailWind CSS in Joomla.


Here are the main points that will be covered in this video:

1. Starting projects with Tailwind CSS

2. Comparison with the monolithic framework Bootstrap

3. Documentation, references, components, utilities and materials for the use of Tailwind CSS

4. Designing a Business Card

5. Test code on

6. Local development with Node.js and Tailwind CSS

7. Test of stylesheet generated with Tailwind in Joomla 4

8. Iterative and evolutionary design

9. Performance analysis and Tailwind generated code

10 Comparison of Tailwind with other frameworks: Bootstrap, Bulma, Foundation, Tachyons, Semantic and Materialize

11. Implementation of inline styles, user.css stylesheet or complete template

12. Conclusions, advanced design, prototypes and next steps

  • - The video features a conversation between Tim Davis and Anibal Sanchez from
    - They discuss Tailwind CSS and its use in Joomla.
    - Tim Davis mentions that the video was recorded on April 8, 2020, and comments on his haircut due to the pandemic.
    - Anibal Sanchez talks about Exley's work and innovations in technology, including their extension for Joomla.
    - They discuss how Tailwind CSS allows for expressive and efficient web design using a minimal amount of code.
    - Anibal demonstrates how to use Tailwind CSS to create and customize designs, emphasizing the flexibility and speed of the framework.
    - They highlight that Tailwind CSS generates a customized stylesheet containing only the necessary styles for a specific project, making it more lightweight and optimized.
    - Anibal shows how to compile and refine Tailwind CSS styles before integrating them into Joomla.
    - The video emphasizes the advantages of creating designs from scratch using Tailwind CSS, as it allows for more optimal and efficient designs.
    - The discussion includes using a sandbox and a local development environment for Tailwind CSS.
    - Anibal showcases the process of converting Tailwind CSS styles into regular CSS for Joomla integration.
    - The video concludes with Anibal highlighting the benefits of starting from a lower level and customizing designs using Tailwind CSS.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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