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The Menu Heading link type in Joomla is the best way to have a Menu Heading that does not cause your page to flicker if someone clicks on it instead of hovering over it to get to a sub-menu. No Britneys were hurt int he making of this video! Be sure to keep watching for the important Pro-Tip!




  • Tim Davis discusses Joomla menu setup in "MM #174" on YouTube
    - Tim received feedback on his previous video's menu setup approach
    - Demonstrates using "Menu Heading" link type for dropdown menus
    - Promotes for Joomla site management tools and audits
    - Steps:
    1. Access the Control Panel and navigate to Menus > Main Menu
    2. Choose "System Links > Menu Heading" instead of "Separator"
    3. No need for link hacks; mouse-over shows dropdown, click does nothing
    4. Emphasizes learning from mistakes and sharing experiences
    5. Encourages subscribing and bell notification for future content

Monday Maintenance 174


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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