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In this live stream we check out a bunch of the free extensions from


  • The video is about a "Free Joomla Extensions Picnic" from Christopher Mavros on YouTube.
    - The video host is Tim Davis, who discusses Joomla extensions and tips for Joomla sites.
    - Christopher Mavros is introduced as someone in the Joomla Community offering free extensions.
    - Tim mentions that Christopher posted a video titled "10 good reasons to choose Joomla over WordPress."
    - The first extension discussed is a "bad word filter" plugin that replaces specified words in Joomla articles.
    - Tim demonstrates how to use the "bad word filter" plugin in Joomla articles.
    - The second extension is a "newsletter subscriber" module and plugin for collecting email sign-ups.
    - The "newsletter subscriber" extension sends an email notification for new subscriptions and saves subscriber data to a text file.
    - Tim briefly explores the options and settings for the "newsletter subscriber" extension.
    - Christopher Mavros offers a pro version of the "newsletter subscriber" extension with additional features.
    - The pro version includes anti-spam options and the ability to create custom anti-spam questions.
    - Tim humorously mentions a question like "How many eyes does a typical person have?" for anti-spam purposes.
    - The video host plans to use the "newsletter subscriber" extension for his caption or captcha needs.
    - Tim explores various options and features of the "newsletter subscriber" extension.
    - The video host notes that Christopher Mavros also has other Joomla extensions, including paid ones.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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