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Take a deep breath! Even though Google now requires that web site owners get an API code for some uses of Google Maps on Joomla websites, and to get an API code one has to set up payment info on your Google Account, it's not the big deal that so many people are making of it. In this video we'll look at how Google Maps are still free to use without an API in many cases. We'll also see that for other cases Google gives users $200 per month worth of free API usage. And then we'll also see how you can set a budget to prevent having to pay anything if you somehow go over the extremely high volume it takes to burn through the free amount in a single month.


  • Google Maps has new API requirements for Joomla sites.
    - You can still use Google Maps on your Joomla site without an API.
    - November is when Google started requiring an API with payment information.
    - You can embed a map from Google Maps without an API using an iframe.
    - You can customize the map and display it on your Joomla site without API registration.
    - For special features and customization, you may need to use the Google Maps API.
    - Google offers a $200 monthly credit for API usage, covering a significant amount of usage.
    - Some extensions like OS Property may require an API key for advanced map features.
    - The video emphasizes that many people don't need to worry about these changes.

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