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Part 1 of a look at Joomla Custom Fields with Marc Dechèvre is a totally non-technical look at one of the greatest advancements in Joomla since the release of com_sliced_bread. Watch and gain inspiration and examples of what can be achieved for your site! We'll see how everything works in the back so you can practice.

In part 2 Marc will return and shows us 10 steps to create a site using custom fields, using a website for recipes as an example.(including an override) Chat replay is not available here, but you will find many of the links and code shared during the stream by Marc and those watching live on the Basic Joomla site at ►



  • This is a YouTube livestream titled "Joomla Custom Fields Part One with Marc Dechèvre - 👀 Watch Me Work 055."
    - The speaker, Tim Davis, mentions the recent Joomla conference and some technical difficulties at the beginning.
    - Tim talks about interviewing Mark Teixeira on a Joomla podcast and his involvement with Joomla.
    - Tim introduces Mark Dechèvre and talks about his company, Wala Web, and his Joomla certification.
    - They discuss their national flags, humorously acknowledging any errors in displaying the flags.
    - Mark talks briefly about himself and his involvement in the Joomla community, including animating a Joomla user group.
    - Tim outlines the plan for the livestream, including two sessions on custom fields and building a Joomla site.
    - Mark mentions that the first session is non-technical and provides inspiration and examples of what custom fields can do in Joomla.
    - Mark highlights the benefits of Joomla's custom fields, such as stability, being free, and their versatility in different Joomla elements.
    - He lists the types of custom fields available in Joomla, including calendar, editor, text, integer, URL, checkbox, color, and more.
    - Mark mentions the upcoming release of Joomla 4, which will offer improved features, such as making any field repeatable.
    - There are references to screenshots of custom field types and their descriptions.
    - The transcript is a part of a discussion that will continue with examples and tutorials in upcoming sessions.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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