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You can automatically check in items in Joomla using Plugin Task Check In from Tobias Zulauf.



- The speaker introduces a plugin for Joomla 4 that automatically checks in items.
- The plugin is designed to prevent articles from being locked by users who forget to close them properly, which can hinder others from accessing them.
- The plugin is available for download from GitHub under the name "task check-in."
- The process starts by installing the plugin in the Joomla backend through the Extensions Manager.
- To set up the plugin, the user goes to the Plugins section and publishes the "task check-in" plugin.
- The speaker demonstrates how to schedule the plugin to run at specific intervals using the "Schedule Tasks" feature in Joomla4.
- The user can choose the frequency of execution (minutes, hours, days, months) or use a cron expression.
- It's essential to set the schedule to run when no one is working on the site, as it will kick users out of their ongoing tasks.
- The speaker sets the plugin to run daily at midnight and mentions that you can also receive notifications about its successful execution.
- The plugin is tested using the "Run Test" feature, and it successfully checks in two items.
- The speaker emphasizes that this plugin can help maintain Joomla sites and prevent article lockouts.

  • Please note that this summary may not cover every detail mentioned in the transcript but aims to capture the main points of the discussion.

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