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In this video we see how to make what appears in the default editor for Joomla 4 (TinyMCE) look like what it will on the front end of your Joomla website.



  • The video discusses making the default WYSIWYG editor in Joomla 4 more user-friendly.
    - The speaker introduces a plugin that enhances the editing experience by displaying rich pasted content exactly as it appears in the final article.
    - The plugin is available on GitHub at
    - The speaker demonstrates how to download and install the plugin in Joomla 4.
    - After installing the plugin, the WYSIWYG editor will show formatting and styles, making it easier to see how the content will appear on the front-end.
    - The default template in Joomla 4 is based on Bootstrap 5, and the video shows how to use Bootstrap 5 components to add more formatting options to articles.
    - The speaker demonstrates how to add a green "danger" button to the article using Bootstrap 5 code.
    - The enhanced WYSIWYG editor makes it more convenient for website owners and clients to see how content will look before publishing.
    - The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe, like, and ring the bell for notifications on their YouTube channel.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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