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Content Templater, from, is a wonderful Joomla extension that can save you time and effort adding similar content to your website. Instead of repeating the same 3, 4 or 10 steps required in setting up pages to be consistently formatted in categories, blogs, or even any of the articles in which you incorporate custom fields, you can start out with (or assign afterward) templates to your content.

Join us for this Collab as we share some of the different ways we use Regular Labs Content Templater, with some guru level examples from the kind of Regular Labs, Peter van Westen himself.


- The live stream is titled "Regular Labs Content Templater Collab - Watch Me Work Live Stream 011 - YouTube."
- The stream features Tim Davis, who is a Jooma fan, and they are discussing how to use Regular Labs Content Templater.
- Tim mentions a giveaway for basic Joomla tutorials but expresses concern that something might be broken.
- They discuss Andy's recovery from a work-related concussion.
- Peter Van Weston is mentioned as someone who might be interested in how they use Content Templater.
- Tim demonstrates how to install and use Content Templater for Joomla sites.
- They discuss pronunciation differences for "Templater" or "Template-er."
- Tim uses Content Templater for his daily podcast, Old-Time Radio Shows, to format the show pages quickly.
- They mention the functionality of overriding settings in Content Templater.
- The conversation touches on author assignment and publishing settings in the pro version.
- A user named Chuck from a YouTube channel appears to be watching and asks questions.
- Tim discusses the debug setting and installation of the pro version of Regular Labs Content Templater.

Please note that the transcript is quite lengthy, and this summary captures the main points of the discussion.

Watch Me Work Livestreams 011


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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