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You may have a plan for managing the privacy of your site visitors and users, but if you don't make it public you are not only missing out on conveying trustworthiness about your business, you may also be breaking the laws of the country you live in. How to add a privacy policy to your Joomla site is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.


- The video is about publishing a privacy policy for a Joomla site.
- The speaker mentions recent travels and a longer stream coming up.
- There was an update for the streaming software discussed.
- The speaker talks about entering a monthly giveaway on
- The process of publishing a privacy policy using Joomla privacy tools is explained.
- A privacy policy generator for a business website is demonstrated.
- The speaker emphasizes the importance of a privacy policy for legal compliance and trust.
- The speaker met various people during a recent trip to Spain and shares some personal experiences.
- The speaker praises his wife and her support during his trip and mentions her response to his travels.
- The video content may continue with more details on the Joomla event and the speaker's reflections on the future of Joomla.

Monday Maintenance 124


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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