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The "Install from Web" list view in the Joomla extension explorer is a convenient way to search for and install extensions for your website, but the icon view can be a bit clunky for looking at your search results.

However, there is a little noticed view (at least little noticed by me;-) ) for these results that makes sorting through your results far easier: behold, List View! How to view the search results of your Install From Web extension search is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.



 - Video discusses using "Install From Web" list view in Joomla's extension installer.
- Host: Tim Davis, addressing viewers as Jim, mentions technical camera issues.
- Updates viewers about giveaways and special prizes on the Joomla site.
- Demonstrates accessing the "Install From Web" section in Joomla's backend.
- Focuses on the "ListView" button for search results within extensions.
- Shows how the ListView presents extension information more conveniently.
- Explains that ListView displays ratings and icons in a user-friendly format.
- Discusses default sorting options for extension search results.
- Mentions a new plugin called "HoldaMeta" introduced by John Moe Holt.
- Considers moving the Washington work livestream to Wednesdays for better scheduling.
- Plans an upcoming livestream about an image management extension.
- Announces an upcoming "office tour" stream where secrets of the office will be revealed.
- Addresses the term "Boxing Day," its origin, and its traditions in different countries.
- Discusses the historical practice of giving gratuities or tips during the holiday season.
- Explains how Boxing Day is observed in Canada, particularly its effects on holidays that fall on weekends.

Monday Maintenance 069


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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