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Depending on your goals and/or design for your Joomla site, you can hide or show the intro text of your articles - or a combination of both!



  • Title: "To Show or Not Show Article Intro Text in Joomla - 🛠 MM #225 - YouTube"
    - The video discusses the issue of displaying intro text in Joomla articles.
    - The presenter shares a problem with a site where the intro text and image were missing from the full article view.
    - He explains that the intro text can be hidden before the "Read More" link to enhance the blog view and then revealed when users click to read the full article.
    - There are three places to control intro text visibility:
    1. Global settings for articles.
    2. Menu item settings.
    3. Article-specific settings.
    - The presenter demonstrates how to adjust these settings to show or hide the intro text in different views.
    - Showing the intro text can be useful for creating teaser paragraphs in the blog view and providing a glimpse of the full article.
    - Viewers are encouraged to like the video, subscribe to the channel, and ring the bell for notifications.

Monday Maintenance 225


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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