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You've found the perfect Joomla template and now you want to start your site and make it exactly like the demo. If the template you have chosen has a quick start version you are off and away to the races as soon as you figure out how to install the darn thing! In this Watch Me Work live stream we'll look some of the very basics of installing Joomla and Joomla template quick start packages with a bonus focus on how to have multiple Joomla sites on one hosting account.


  • The video discusses how to install a QuickStart version of a Joomla template.
    - The host introduces themselves as Tim Davis and thanks viewers for tuning in to "Watch Me Work" live stream number 64 on the Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
    - The host briefly talks about the folder structure in a web hosting account and the importance of using an "index.html" page for security.
    - The host explains that Joomla sites need to be installed in their own folders and each Joomla site requires its own database.
    - The concept of subdomains is introduced, and the host creates a subdomain called "Yellow Submarine" to demonstrate how it works.
    - The host shows that files placed in subdomains are located beside the main "public HTML" folder and not within it.
    - The video demonstrates that attempting to access the subdomain page results in a 404 error, as there is no default page for display.


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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