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There's an even easier way to change the hit count for a Joomla article.                                                                     Check out Maintenance Monday #130 to find out!    • An Easier Way to Change Joomla Articl...                                    The hit count for a Joomla article is used to display articles by order of popularity. However, if you copy content over from another site (which starts it with "zero" hits) or have an error page that has a super high hit count, you probably want to change the hit count so the ordering plays nicely. How to change the hit count for a Joomla article is what today's maintenance Monday live stream is all about.



  • Video tutorial about changing hit count for Joomla articles
    - Hosted on YouTube, titled "Change Hit Count for Joomla Articles 🛠 MM Live Stream #127"
    - Presented by Tim Davis, a Joomla fan, as part of Maintenance Monday #127
    - Discussion of changing hits for Joomla articles and scenarios for doing so
    - Mention of avoiding hits manipulation and accurate hit count for articles
    - Introduction to two methods: Core method (manual) and Extension method (using DB Replacer plugin)
    - Step-by-step guide to manually changing hit count through PHPMyAdmin
    - Recommendation to backup Joomla site/database before making changes
    - Demonstration of using DB Replacer plugin to search and replace hit counts
    - Caution about making changes in the database and the importance of backups
    - Highlighting the DB Replacer plugin as a convenient tool for database modifications
    - Upcoming event with Parvez from Theme Expert demonstrating Quix Pro Page Builder
    - Mention of previous and future episodes of Joomla-related podcasts (JoomlaCast)
    - Upcoming stream about a plugin that reduced bounce rate on a website
    - Discussion of personal medical situation and upcoming colonoscopy
    - Interaction with viewers' comments and discussions during the stream

Monday Maintenance 127


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