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If your Super Admin username is something easily guessed, you have already given away half of the login info required for a hacker to have his or her way with your site. This is especially true if your Super Admin username is "admin" - a well known default username from a number of Joomla version ago. How to change your Super Admin username to something other than "Admin" (or something else) is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.



- Video discusses the importance of not using "admin" as the super admin username in Joomla.
- Host, Tim Davis, welcomes viewers to Maintenance Monday Live Stream #058.
- Tim encourages interaction in the chat and announces plans for a Zoom meeting.
- Viewers are asked to subscribe and ring the notification bell if watching the replay.
- Tim demonstrates accessing a Joomla site and creating a super admin profile with the username "admin."
- Emphasis on the security risks of using common usernames that make hacking easier.
- Mention of a previous Joomla version that used "admin" as the default super admin username.
- Tim demonstrates a tool on that changes the super admin username.
- Caution against using easily guessable usernames and passwords.
- Tim shows how to change a username through Joomla's user management interface.
- Discussion about the upcoming launch of a new website.
- Technical issues and adjustments regarding audio setup.
- Engagement with viewers in the chat, including their location in Surprise, Arizona.
- Banter related to the Lucille Ball show and its characters.
- Listener feedback regarding audio issues and ability to hear the speakers.
- Troubleshooting audio problems and attempting to address them during the live stream.

Please note that this summary may not capture every detail due to the conversational nature of the transcript.

 Monday Maintenance 058


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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