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Join us for an introduction to Convert Forms for Joomla with Tassos Marinos.



  • The video is titled "An Introduction to Convert Forms For Joomla with Tassos Marinos - WMW 119 - YouTube."
    - Tassos Marinos is the presenter.
    - The video introduces "Convert Forms," a Joomla extension for creating forms.
    - The presenter mentions technical difficulties at the beginning of the video.
    - The video is sponsored by "" and provides a coupon code.
    - Tassos Marinos is a web developer from Greece.
    - He started working with Joomla in 2013.
    - He developed Joomla extensions like EngageBox and Convert Forms.
    - He runs, a website with Joomla tutorials.
    - The video demonstrates how to create a contact form using Convert Forms.
    - Convert Forms offers a live form preview in the backend.
    - It uses AJAX technology for form submissions.
    - The video shows how to publish the form using a menu item.
    - Submissions can be viewed and managed in the backend.
    - Convert Forms allows for multi-column form layouts.
    - The presenter demonstrates pre-populating form fields with user data.
    - Smart apps in Convert Forms can automate various tasks.
    - The video appears to be a tutorial on using Convert Forms for Joomla.

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