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When you are working on your Joomla site and making rapid, incremental backups with Akeeba, be sure to "freeze" a key backup just in case you ever need to go back a bunch of steps to restart from a much earlier point in your work.




- The video discusses how to freeze key Joomla backups made with Akeeba.
- Tim Davis hosts the video, labeled "MM Live Stream #156" on YouTube.
- Tim Davis introduces himself as a Joomla fan and discusses the topic.
- He mentions and its connection with web design.
- The video is sponsored by, offering Joomla and WordPress site management tools.
- Tim demonstrates freezing backups using Akeeba Backup software.
- He shows how the freeze feature works to prevent backups from being overwritten.
- Tim also discusses the benefits of using, a small business referral network.
- Alignable is likened to a combination of LinkedIn and Facebook, with local business connections.
- Tim explains his approach to connecting with local businesses on Alignable, even with a free account.
- He talks about using Alignable for networking, though it might not necessarily generate many job leads.
- Tim compares his Alignable strategy to how he uses Facebook for promotional purposes.
- He mentions sending connection requests and checking out businesses before connecting.
- The video touches on considerations for connecting with various types of businesses.

(Note: The transcript is quite lengthy, so the bullet points provide a condensed overview of the main topics and themes discussed in the video.)

Monday Maintenance 156


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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