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Bots are scouring the internet looking for sites they can create accounts on that will allow them to post content or even worse. In this video we'll check out a site with hundreds of these accounts and talk about and see some of the things they have in common that make it easier for you to manually remove them.


Here is a summary of the provided transcript in bullet points:

- The video discusses finding and removing bot accounts on a Joomla website.
- The motivation behind the topic is a client who had issues with a large number of bot-generated accounts on their site.
- The video demonstrates strategies for identifying and removing these accounts.
- Common patterns to look for in bot accounts include unusual usernames, common keywords like "cialis," and repetitive patterns in email addresses.
- The video suggests disabling or requiring a password reset for suspicious accounts to distinguish real users from bots.
- The transcript discusses specific examples of bot-generated usernames and keywords to watch out for, like "siri paid," "cheap outlet," "pills," and "diet."
- The video recommends systematically searching for and deleting accounts with these keywords and patterns.
- It mentions the importance of reviewing potentially legitimate accounts to avoid accidental removal.
- The video provides practical guidance on managing user accounts in Joomla's admin panel.

Please note that the transcript is quite lengthy, and this summary captures the main points from it.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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