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You can now set the Person or Organization Schema of your Joomla website. Are you a human being? Let the search engines know!



00:05 Introduction and Sponsor

00:35 Channel Overview and Services

01:08 Explanation of Schema

01:43 Accessing Schema Settings in Joomla 5

02:16 Configuring Schema as an Organization

02:47 Configuring Schema as a Person

03:16 Conclusion and Subscription Reminder

Introduction and Sponsor: Tim Davis introduces the topic of the video and mentions the sponsor, MySites.Guru, offering a free site audit for Joomla sites.

Channel Overview and Services: Overview of the Basic Joomla Tutorials channel and services offered, including site building, maintenance, migration, and upgrades.

Explanation of Schema: Introduction to schema markup, its purpose, and its benefits. Schema helps create rich snippets in search engine results, providing context to web pages.

Accessing Schema Settings in Joomla 5: Steps to access the schema settings in Joomla 5:

  • Go to the backend of your Joomla site.
  • Navigate to "System" and then "Plugins."
  • Search for "schema" and select "System -"
  • Configuring Schema as an Organization:
  • Select "Organization" as the site type.
  • Enter the organization name and upload a logo.
  • Add social media accounts.
  • Configuring Schema as a Person:
  • Select "Person" as the site type.
  • Choose the Joomla user representing the person.
  • Upload a personal image.
  • Add social media accounts, such as Facebook and BuyMeACoffee.
  • Conclusion and Subscription Reminder: Tim concludes the video by emphasizing the importance of schema for search engine results and reminds viewers to subscribe for more Joomla tutorials.


This video tutorial by Tim Davis on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel guides viewers through setting up schema markup for their Joomla 5 sites. By configuring schema as either a person or an organization, site owners can enhance their search engine presence and create richer search results. Tim walks through the process of accessing and configuring the schema settings, providing practical examples and tips. The tutorial concludes with a reminder to subscribe for more Joomla tips and tutorials.

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