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Want to give the browser tab a different name than the title of Your Joomla article or Joomla menu link? No problem! That's what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.




  • Video tutorial about changing browser tab text in Joomla
    - Speaker: Tim Davis
    - The tutorial is part of "Maintenance Monday" on YouTube
    - Tim explains how to change the text that appears in browser tabs for Joomla sites
    - Mention of potential SEO benefits
    - Introduces the tutorial as part of Joomla tutorials on YouTube
    - Encourages live viewers to interact in the chat
    - The focus is on changing the browser tab title for better SEO visibility
    - Demonstrates the process using Joomla's backend menus
    - Emphasizes the importance of naming tabs for better search results
    - Shows how different tab text can appear in search results
    - Mentions upcoming livestream about using custom fields for slideshows
    - Discusses the advantages of using custom fields for client sites
    - Mentions a new version of Streamlabs OBS and potential syncing issues
    - Responds to a viewer question about favorite favicon plugins
    - Explains how to change favicon using Gantry framework and templates
    - Suggests replacing the favicon image directly for minimal impact
    - Discusses cache issues and how to see changes by clearing cache
    - Closes with an invitation to upcoming livestream and updates on Joomla extensions

Monday Maintenance 117


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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