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00:00 - Introduction

00:26 - Sponsor Message:

00:57 - Accessing Chrome's Element Inspector

01:35 - Switching to Dark Mode in Chrome DevTools

02:12 - Using System Preferences for Dark Mode

02:35 - Summary and Call to Action




Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the topic of using dark mode in Chrome DevTools to reduce eye strain while working on Joomla sites.

Sponsor Message: Promotes and mentions the free site audit offer.

Accessing Chrome's Element Inspector: Demonstrates how to open Chrome DevTools using F12 and accessing the settings gear icon.

Switching to Dark Mode in Chrome DevTools: Shows how to switch from the light theme to the dark theme in Chrome DevTools under the "Appearance" section, emphasizing the improved visual comfort.

Using System Preferences for Dark Mode: Mentions that users can sync their DevTools theme with their system preference for light or dark mode.

Summary and Call to Action: Encourages viewers to like the video if they found it helpful, subscribe to the channel, and ring the bell for notifications about future content.

This video provides a straightforward tip for improving the user experience while working with Chrome DevTools, particularly beneficial for developers and designers who spend extended periods working on Joomla sites.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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