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Here's a time and frustration saving module to make sure your users, boss, and/or clients are seeing the latest changes you have made to your Joomla site!


  • The video is about using "mod_invalidatecache" in Joomla to solve browser cache issues.
    - The video is part of a live stream series on basic Joomla tutorials.
    - The video is sponsored by, offering tools for managing Joomla sites.
    - The video discusses the need to clear browser caches for users to see changes on a website.
    - A module called "mod_invalidatecache" is introduced as a solution to invalidate browser cache assets (CSS and JS).
    - The module is available for Joomla 3 but doesn't work for Joomla 4 due to Ajax-related issues.
    - The video demonstrates how to download, install, and configure the module.
    - The module is added to the administrator area and assigned to specific positions within the Joomla backend.
    - It explains how the module generates unique media versions for assets to avoid browser caching issues.
    - The video illustrates how refreshing the page source shows different media version values after using the module, indicating that the cache has been invalidated.

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