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Ever had a problem finding where the log files are you are looking for in Joomla? Yeah, me too! Joins us for this collaboration video as together we try to figure out where to find the different logs in Joomla and chat about a whole lot more!


  • - Livestream title: "(2) Finding Joomla Logs Collab - 👀 Watch Me Work Live Stream 013 - YouTube"
    - Livestream hosted by Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast.
    - Recap of the previous livestream on rotating Joomla logs.
    - Introduction of a new Joomla site called "lock search log search basic Joomla com" created for the purpose of finding log files.
    - Use of Notepad++ to examine the Joomla install and identify log-related folders and files.
    - Exploration of log folders in libraries, vendor, source, and plugins, with a focus on the action log system.
    - Mention of reaching out to Joomla extension developers on Facebook for information on where they store logs in their extensions.
    - Discussion about error files within template folders and the challenge of finding errors and actions within Joomla logs.
    - Demonstration of accessing the error log file in the administrator/logs folder through the web hosting control panel.
    - Explanation of the default log folder path in Joomla: administrator/logs.
    - Mention of the location for storing temporary files: the root folder of the Joomla install.
    - Exploration of log files in the administrator/logs folder, including failed login attempts and log rotation functionality.
    - Discovery of the log rotation backup system and its use in maintaining a record of site activities.
    - Discussion on the usefulness of logs for invoicing and client reports, emphasizing the importance of setting log rotation parameters based on specific needs.
    - Tim Davis demonstrates accessing and viewing log files in Joomla through the administrator interface.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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