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In this live stream we discuss the balance between client rights and self-care in the Joomla World. We want to give our clients and users the best that they deserver, but at some point we can't do that if we don't care for ourselves.



  • Title: "Client Rights vs. Self-Care in the Joomla World - 👀 WMW 179 - YouTube"
    - The video is part of a live stream on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
    - Tim Davis discusses client rights and self-care in the context of web development.
    - He emphasizes that clients should have control over their digital assets, including domain registration and web hosting access.
    - Tim also mentions the importance of offline backups for clients.
    - Tim shares that he takes Sundays off as a form of self-care to prevent constant work.
    - Tim invites viewers to contribute their ideas and comments to a Google Doc, which he provides a link to in the video description.
    - There are anonymous users participating in the Google Doc discussion.
    - The discussion includes topics related to communication with clients and efficient working relationships.
    - Tim briefly mentions tools like Akiba Backup Pro and Jet Backup for website backups.
    - He also briefly talks about using OneDrive and Amazon for backups.
    - The video appears to be a live discussion with viewer engagement.
    - Tim discusses various aspects of web development and client relationships throughout the video.


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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