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Sometimes you need menu items published but not visible in a menu on your Joomla site. Fortunately there is an easy and simple way to hide such menu items. How and why to hide published menu items is what today's Maintenance Monday live stream is all about.





- Video tutorial about hiding published menu items in Joomla.
- Host: Tim Davis.
- The livestream discusses hiding menu items in Joomla.
- Tim Davis emphasizes being a Joomla fan and recent livestream issues.
- Purpose: Demonstrating how to hide published menu items in Joomla.
- Mention of a giveaway contest for subscribing to the Basic Joomla newsletter.
- Last week's 100th maintenance Monday giveaway winner announced.
- Reasons for hiding menu items: providing specific links to certain users.
- Steps to hide menu items:
1. Access backend of Joomla site.
2. Navigate to Menus > Main Menu.
3. Create a new menu item (e.g., login).
4. Initially published item shows a login form.
5. To hide, edit the menu item, change "Display in Menu" to "No".
6. The URL still works but the item isn't displayed in menus.
7. Hidden items appear in the backend with a "hidden" label.
- Another use case: creating a menu link to a registration form.
- Steps to create and hide registration form link:
1. Create a new menu item (e.g., register).
2. Initially published item links to registration form.
3. Edit the menu item, change "Display in Menu" to "No".
- Mention of future tutorial about organizing hidden links.
- Winner of $100 Amazon gift card announced: Laura Brown.
- Request to subscribe to the channel for notifications.
- Conclusion and thanks for support.

Please note that this summary is concise and might not capture every detail from the transcript.

 Monday Maintenance 101


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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