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Since #Joomla 3.8.8, the setting for the core "Mail To Friend" sharing tool has been set to "Hide" in new Joomla installs. While still performing its function, it could easily be used by spammers to send out unwanted emails. You can still use this tool on your site, but in a day of multitudinous social media platforms, sharing by page addresses by email is well off trend and not very effective anyway. How to set the core "Mail To Friend" sharing tool to "Hide" is what today's #maintenancemonday is all about.




- The video is about hiding the "Mail to Friend" core sharing feature in Joomla.
- The presenter, Tim Davis, is addressing technical issues at the start.
- He mentions that the feature has become a default setting since Joomla 3.8.8.
- Tim discusses the risks of spammers and abusers using the feature to send spam.
- He mentions that he's testing a new streaming setting with a lower latency.
- Tim briefly talks about wearing a bowtie due to Canada Day long weekend.
- He plans to show two methods of hiding the "Mail to Friend" feature.
- The first method involves going through the control panel, global configuration, and articles settings to hide the feature.
- The second method involves using the tool to manage multiple sites and disable the feature.
- Tim mentions that he's managing about 48 Joomla sites using the tool.
- He discusses the importance of disabling the feature to prevent spam and abuse.
- Tim concludes the video, thanking viewers for their support and encouraging subscriptions.
- He mentions upcoming content on two-factor authentication using Yubikey.
- Tim discusses the chat delay and considers switching back to ultra-low latency.
- The video ends with Tim preparing to head out for a camping trip and thanking viewers.

Please note that this transcript is quite lengthy, and it might be challenging to distill all the details into concise bullet points while maintaining the essential information.

Monday Maintenance 046


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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