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In this issue of Maintenance Monday we look at how to save time by automatically updating some extensions in Joomla.



  • Tim Davis hosts a live stream called "Maintenance Monday."
    - The topic of the stream is how to automatically update Joomla extensions.
    - Tim mentions that this method is not available through free extensions.
    - He recommends using for auto-updating extensions.
    - Tim uses Regular Labs Extensions and mentions that they are frequently updated.
    - He demonstrates how to enable auto-updates for extensions on
    - Tim emphasizes the importance of keeping backups before using auto-updates.
    - He mentions that users receive emails when auto-updates are applied or fail.
    - Tim highlights the time-saving benefit of auto-updating extensions, especially for managing multiple sites.
    - He suggests that more extensions might be added to the auto-update feature in the future.
    - Tim ends the live stream and thanks the viewers for tuning in.

Monday Maintenance 005


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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