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WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance has become important for your website. Accessibility is now a factor in your rank in search engine results. Some businesses and organizations have been sued for not providing a website that is accessible. Most importantly, you want your site to be viewable my the largest number of people possible!




- Video discusses checking Joomla site colors for WCAG compliance
- Demonstrates using element inspector to check color contrast
- Explains WCAG guidelines and their importance for accessibility
- Two contrast levels: minimum (AA) and enhanced (AAA)
- Importance of accessible sites for search engine ranking and legal compliance
- Introduces and offers a free site audit for Joomla/WordPress
- Tool demonstrated for improving accessibility, especially for dyslexia
- Discussion of labor day and family activities
- Mention of updating Asteroid framework, encountering issues, and updates
- Mention of limitations of the demonstrated tool for visually impaired users
- Additional features like font sizing, high contrast, dyslexic font, etc.
- Considerations for visually impaired users and dyslexia compatibility.

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