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In this live stream I create a volunteer registration form for one of my clients using Convert Forms from



  • The video is about creating a volunteer registration form in Joomla using Convert Forms.
    - The video is part of a live stream series called "Watch Me Work" on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
    - The host mentions a developer named Tassels Mourinhos, who will show how to create complex forms using Convert Forms in a future stream.
    - The host interacts with viewers in the chat and encourages likes on the video.
    - The video is sponsored by "" and offers a coupon code for a free trial.
    - The host begins building the volunteer registration form step by step.
    - The form includes fields for email and name, and the host explains various options for customizing these fields.
    - The host discusses design options for the form, including background color, text color, and other visual elements.
    - The host talks about adding a honeypot field to prevent spam submissions.
    - Email notifications are set up to notify when a user submits the form.
    - The host briefly mentions conditional logic for showing/hiding fields based on user input.
    - There is a mention of generating a customizable PDF based on the submitted data.
    - The host explores various settings and options in Convert Forms while building the form.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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