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If you have your Joomla site using an SSL Certificate but someone links to the HTTP version of your site (or they enter in the HTTP url of your site to visit it), modern browsers will display a "Not secure" flag to your visitors unless you force that traffic through the HTTPS version of your site. How to force site access through only HTTPS is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.



 - The video is about forcing HTTPS on Joomla sites to prevent them from being marked as "Not Secure".
- The speaker discusses technical difficulties with new streaming software.
- The channel reached 1000 subscribers, with a shoutout to the 1000th subscriber.
- Changes are coming to browser displays for secure connections, and the speaker talks about making Joomla sites secure.
- The speaker demonstrates how to enable the HTTPS force setting in Joomla's global configuration.
- Explains the upcoming changes in browser displays regarding SSL certificates.
- Talks about how SSL certificates are handled in his own web business.
- Demonstrates how to change the Joomla setting to force all traffic to use HTTPS.
- Mentions the possibility of relative links avoiding some issues.
- Addresses a viewer's question about using server-wide redirects.
- Explains why he prefers not to implement server-wide redirects due to potential complications.
- Discusses potential issues with changing all links to HTTPS, considering user habits and possible compatibility problems.
- Talks about a chat conversation regarding forcing HTTPS on external links to avoid insecure warnings.
- Shares plans for a future tutorial about using the "//" notation for links.
- Mentions the completion of a YubiKey video for release and the importance of early traffic for video ranking.

Monday Maintenance 053


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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