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SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the best option for sending emails from your Joomla install because it gives you the most control for sending according to best practices to ensure email deliverability, that is if your own mail sending is set up correctly (for more on that watch the video at    • Email Deliverability for your Joomla ...  )

Sending via SMTP is also a way to send bulk emails through a different email service if your web host restricts how many emails you can send. How to set up Joomla so it sends using SMTP is the topic of this Maintenance Monday live stream.



- The video discusses setting up Joomla site emails to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).
- The video is part of the "Maintenance Monday Live Stream" series on YouTube (#092).
- The host, Tim Davis, discusses the process of configuring Joomla for SMTP email sending.
- The host mentions travel plans cancellation due to his wife's illness, leading to the impromptu live stream.
- He emphasizes user engagement, asking viewers to say hi in the chat and like the video.
- The video's purpose is to guide users through the process of configuring SMTP for Joomla emails.
- SMTP is preferred for better email deliverability and control over notifications.
- Reasons for using SMTP include better deliverability through DKIM and SPF settings, and compliance with web host terms for bulk mail.
- The host suggests creating a generic email address for SMTP settings to maintain security.
- Demonstrates setting up an email address through the hosting account's control panel.
- Explains how to configure Joomla's global settings to use SMTP instead of PHP mailer.
- Provides information on entering SMTP server details, port numbers, SSL certificates, and authentication.
- Demonstrates sending a test email to confirm the SMTP setup's success.
- Mentioned benefits include enhanced email deliverability and compatibility with bulk mailing.
- The video ends with a mention of upcoming chat and future topics, along with thanking viewers for their support.

Note: The transcript provided is quite lengthy, so the summary aims to capture the main points in a concise manner. If you need more specific details, feel free to ask!

Monday Maintenance 092


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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