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You can pick up some page load speed for your Joomla site by using JCE MediaBox Popups in your Joomla articles and other places. Here are some links mentioned in this stream:




  • The video discusses using JCE MediaBox Popup Speedboost in Joomla for enhancing page load speed.
    - Presenter: Tim Davis
    - Video is part of "MM Live Stream #137" on YouTube by "Basic Joomla Tutorials" channel.
    - Client's challenge with large images resized for articles.
    - Focus on retaining image detail for retina displays without sacrificing load speed.
    - Demonstration in backend of site.
    - Use of JCE Editor Pro and JCE MediaBox Popup feature.
    - Process of resizing and optimizing images for pop-ups demonstrated.
    - Tips for improving page load speed, especially on mobile devices.
    - Mention of image manager rollovers in JCE Editor.
    - GT Metrics scan to verify optimized image loading and performance improvements.
    - Discussion of using pop-ups and optimizing images for better SEO.
    - Audience engagement, subscription encouragement, and sign-off.


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Here are some of the links mentioned in this Live Stream - and some others:

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