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I recently change my strategy for OG Images on my Joomla site. In this live stream I'll share it, demonstrate it, and maybe even adapt it further as suggestions are made during the stream or in the comments below.


  • The video is about a strategy for OG (Open Graph) images in Joomla.
    - The speaker is Tim Davis, a Joomla fan.
    - The video is sponsored by
    - Tim talks about his previous strategy of using 200x200 images for Facebook.
    - He mentions rethinking his strategy due to SEO requirements.
    - Tim demonstrates how he used to insert images in articles.
    - He talks about using plugins like Phoca Open Graph and For SEO to handle OG images.
    - He mentions the importance of using larger images for better display on high-resolution devices.
    - Tim discusses the aspect ratio and suggests using images at least 600x315 for better shares.
    - He mentions using a responsive image plugin to optimize image sizes.
    - Tim discusses the dilemma of not wanting large images in articles for performance reasons.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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