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There is a setting in the core Joomla Contact Component that you should turn off in order to prevent spambots from sending spam through your contact forms. In this video we see where that setting is and also a handy tool for easily changing that setting on multiple Joomla sites that you manage!


- Title: "Turn Off "Send Copy to Submitter" in Joomla Contact Component - 🛠 MM #259 - YouTube"
- Speaker: Tim Davis
- Purpose: To show how to disable the "Send Copy to Submitter" option in Joomla's core contact component to prevent spam from contact forms.
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- Tutorial Steps:
1. Access the Joomla site's backend.
2. Go to Components > Contacts.
3. Click on "Options" in the Contacts section.
4. Find the "Send Copy to Submitter" option and turn it off.
5. Save and close to apply the change.
- Alternative Method for Managing Multiple Joomla Sites:
1. Use to manage multiple Joomla sites.
2. Go to the site's dashboard.
3. Click on the green eyeball to view things to check out.
4. Use the "disable send copy to submitter" button to turn off the feature on multiple sites at once.
5. Can also turn it back on if needed.
- Additional Information:
- Tim Davis is a Joomla fan and runs the "Basic Joomla Tutorials" YouTube channel.
- He offers extensions, tools, and tips for building and maintaining Joomla sites.
- Tim provides Joomla-related services through
- He can help with short-term or long-term Joomla projects.
- The "Send Copy to Submitter" option is targeted by spam bots to send spam through contact forms.
- Disabling the option prevents spam from being sent to fake email addresses.

Monday Maintenance 259


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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