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I've avoided learning how to create a parallax effect on web pages for a long time, so today is the day.




  • Video titled "Visiting the Parallax Universe - πŸ‘€ WMW 242"
  • Hosted by Tim Davis on Juma Tutorials YouTube channel
  • Sponsored by MySites.Guru
  • Discussion about adding a parallax effect to websites
  • Use of Parallax effect to create depth and catch viewers' attention
  • Introduction of Cedric's Custom Parallax CK module
  • Installation and configuration of the module
  • Adjustment of parallax layers and scroll speeds
  • Demonstration of adding images and adjusting their properties
  • Exploration of text options including animation and customization
  • Experimentation with different settings and effects
  • Consideration of mobile responsiveness
  • Overall, an informative and hands-on tutorial on implementing parallax effects on websites.

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