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Using special characters in the password for your #Joomla database can create real problems for you if you need to restore your website from an Akeeba backup - a time when you probably already have enough headaches to deal with. This #maintenancemonday livestream looks at how to change the password of your existing Joomla database in phpmyadmin and configuration.php. It's a method that will help you experience the shortest of downtime for your website during the switch.



  • Title: "Don't Use Special Characters in Joomla Database Passwords - Maintenance Monday Live Stream #026 - YouTube"
    - Tim Davis hosts Maintenance Monday Live Stream #026, six months of regular streaming.
    - The stream focuses on Joomla site management tips.
    - Tim encourages viewers to like and comment on the video and subscribe for future content.
    - The topic originates from a Facebook post by John Barber regarding issues with special characters in Joomla database passwords.
    - Tim recommends avoiding special characters in database passwords to prevent potential problems during restores.
    - He highlights the Joomla No Spam Facebook group for Joomla enthusiasts.
    - Tim mentions John Barber's websites and projects, including,, and
    - Tim promotes his own giveaways on
    - He advises viewers not to use special characters in Joomla database passwords and explains the potential issues with certain characters.
    - Tim provides a step-by-step guide on changing the Joomla database password, emphasizing the importance of consistency between the configuration file and database.
    - He shares the example of changing a database password without special characters.
    - Tim thanks subscribers and encourages more engagement and suggestions from viewers.

Monday Maintenance 026


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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