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If you display your email address(s) in plain sight on Joomla sites is is safe from being farmed by bots who collect email addresses for spammers? It is if you use the core "Content - Email Cloaking" plugin or even better yet "Email Protector" from Regular Labs. In this video we'll see how to hide email addresses from spammers.



 - Video title: "Hide Emails in Plain Site on Your Joomla Pages - 🛠 MM Live Stream #165 - YouTube"
- The video discusses whether it's safe to display email addresses on Joomla web pages and how to protect them from spam bots.
- The host, Tim Davis, discusses two plugins for email protection: "Content Email Cloaking" and "System Regular Labs Email Protector."
- Tim demonstrates how the "Content Email Cloaking" plugin in Joomla can make email addresses linkable or non-linkable, with examples of both options.
- He shows how the plugin hides email addresses from being directly visible in the page source code and makes them less vulnerable to spam bots.
- The "System Regular Labs Email Protector" plugin is recommended for more robust email protection.
- Tim explains various options offered by the "Regular Labs Email Protector" plugin, including displaying email addresses with or without brackets to deter bots.
- The video concludes by discussing the benefits of using these tools to protect email addresses on Joomla web pages and suggests that, with these tools, it's safer to display email addresses.
- Mention of a future Watch Me Work live stream on a different date due to changes in holiday plans.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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