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If your internet connection or webhosting isn't the fastest, you can speed up your work in the admin area of your Joomla site by using Ajax Toggler from AlterBrains




- Video tutorial: "Speed Up Your Back-End Admin Area in Joomla 🛠 MM Live Stream #138 - YouTube"
- Presenter: Tim Davis
- Explanation of how to speed up the back end of a Joomla site.
- Mention of slow collection/connection/server issues.
- Introduction to Ajax Toggler tool suggested by Chuck.
- Registration and installation process for Ajax Toggler.
- Features of Ajax Toggler: Ajaxify ordering, pagination, status changes.
- Steps to download and install the plugin.
- Enabling and configuring the plugin in the Joomla backend.
- Demonstrating the functionality with content and articles.
- Mention of Chuck and his suggestion in the live chat.
- Invitation to subscribe, ring the bell for notifications, and support the channel.
- Upcoming plans for site template update and Wednesday live stream.
- Mention of an issue with Nord Pass affecting browser performance.
- Announcement of the upcoming Zoom meeting and link.
- Mention of Facebook layout changes and the new dark mode.
- Discussion of a Joomla extension for dynamic gallery design (Oriol Pro).
- Demonstration of the gallery design with folder-based image loading.
- Mention of a Swiss website and its use of UIKit 3.
- Display of COVID-19 statistics module for Joomla.
- Stats shown: new cases, total deaths, total cases, recovered.
- Mention of potential use for the extension on a client's site.
- Noting WordPress site usage with Joomla extensions.

Please note that the transcript provided was quite lengthy and difficult to parse, so the bullet points may not capture every detail but highlight the main points of the video.

Monday Maintenance 138 


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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