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00:00 Introduction and Sponsor Message

01:03 Accessing Extension Installation Tabs

02:12 Sorting and Rearranging Tabs

02:51 Refreshing and Setting Default

03:23 Disabling Unused Tabs

04:33 Troubleshooting and Viewer Question

05:31 Conclusion and Call to Action




Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the topic of rearranging, hiding, or rediscovering extension installation tabs in Joomla for better workflow efficiency.

Sponsor Message: Tim mentions and encourages viewers to utilize its tools for Joomla site management.

Accessing Extension Installation Tabs: Guides viewers through accessing the extension installation tabs in Joomla's backend under Plugins.

Sorting and Rearranging Tabs: Demonstrates how to sort tabs by dragging and rearranging them to change the default tab shown first, such as making "Upload Package File" the default.

Refreshing and Setting Default: Explains the steps to refresh the page and log out/in to ensure the changes in tab order take effect as the new default.

Disabling Unused Tabs: Shows how to disable tabs like "Install from Web" or "Install from Folder" if they are not regularly used, streamlining the interface.

Troubleshooting and Viewer Question: Addresses a viewer's question about only seeing one installation option and suggests checking plugin settings or contacting for further assistance.

Conclusion and Call to Action: Tim summarizes the flexibility of managing extension tabs in Joomla, encourages subscriptions, likes, and explores suggested content.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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