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In this video I finally get around to creating a new template for my newsletter. Up to now I have been sending out my mailings using ACYMailing 5, but I've finally updated to ACYMailing 6 to take advantage making a mobile friendly, responsive email newsletter for a better user experience. Also, something broke in my ACYMailing 5 install and I can't be bothered to fix it! A big thank you to our channel friend, Webie Design,

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  • The video is about creating a new newsletter template in ACYMailing 6.
    - The video is part of a YouTube series called "👀 Watch Me Work 087."
    - The speaker, Tim Davis, mentions being a Joomla fan.
    - He encourages viewers to like the video if watching live or during a replay.
    - The video is sponsored by, which offers Joomla and WordPress site management services.
    - Tim explains that he's switching from ACYMailing 5 to ACYMailing 6 due to issues.
    - He plans to create a new template for better mobile compatibility.
    - Tim logs into the back end of his site and mentions importing data from ACYMailing 5 to ACYMailing 6.
    - He discusses using dynamic text for personalization in emails.
    - Tim demonstrates creating a new template with a "view it online" link.
    - He shows how to add an issue number to the template.
    - Tim inserts a header image in the template.
    - He attempts to make the image fluid, but the method is unclear.
    - Tim adds a separator to the template with blue color.
    - The next step is to create a table of contents in the template.
    - Tim is unsure if ACYMailing 6 supports a table of contents shortcode.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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