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In this Watch Me Work Live Stream, I work with ReReplacer, DB Replacer, Content Templater, and Snippets - all extensions from Regular Labs. In fact, watch to find out which of those Peter van Westen calls a "stupid little sister." Along the way I also share an important life lesson I have learned and discuss why "everyone" should have 3 screen on their computer.


 - The title of the video is "Using DB Replacer, ReReplacer, Content Templater, & Snippets - Watch Me Work Live Stream 003 - YouTube."
- The video is an encore performance of "Watch Me Work Live Stream Number Three."
- The video features the use of several Joomla extensions, including Regular Labs ReReplacer, DB Replacer, Content Templater, and Snippets.
- The video also discusses an important life lesson learned by the presenter.
- The presenter talks about the need for three screens.
- The video offers time codes in the description to navigate to specific sections.
- The presenter briefly mentions attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting and getting some snacks.
- The video primarily focuses on using Regular Labs ReReplacer to find and replace content in Joomla articles.
- The presenter demonstrates how to create a replacement for a signature code in articles.
- The video explains the improved search functionality in DB Replacer and how it performs better with large databases.
- The presenter mentions the option to expand long lines of text in search results.

 Watch Me Work Livestreams 003


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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