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If you need a royalty free face that is actually nobody who has ever existed, use one of these 100,000 AI generated faces! This creepy collection of fake faces, lol, is what this Maintenance Monday is all about.





  • The video discusses how to obtain free AI-generated faces for Joomla sites.
    - Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, presents the tutorial.
    - The video is part of the "Maintenance Monday" series on the Basic Joomla YouTube channel.
    - The purpose is not only maintenance but also to explore a unique resource.
    - The resource is "," a website offering 100,000 AI-generated faces for free.
    - These faces can be used for various purposes, such as website images.
    - The tutorial shows how to access the website and the folders of generated faces.
    - Some generated faces have irregularities, potentially due to AI imperfections.
    - AI-generated faces could be used for privacy reasons or as placeholders.
    - Tim Davis highlights that the faces are entirely fictional and free to use.
    - The tutorial explores potential use cases, such as demo sites or privacy-conscious images.
    - Tim also mentions the diversity of faces and some quirks in the generated images.
    - He encourages viewers to browse the generated faces and observe their reactions.
    - The video ends with engagement requests, subscription, and future topics.
    - A new server setup is discussed, and the benefits of managed hosting are highlighted.
    - Easy Layouts and Template Creator CK are mentioned in viewer comments.
    - A new Joomla extension, "Quantum Manager," is introduced for future exploration.

Monday Maintenance 109


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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