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Of all the settings in Joomla's configuration.php file, the "$live_site =" setting is amongst the ones most often filled out incorrectly. What to put - or not put - in this part of the Joomla configuration file is what today's #maintenancemonday is all about.


 - The video discusses the live site setting in Joomla configuration.
- The speaker, Tim Davis, talks about the importance of the live site area in the Joomla configuration PHP file.
- Tim mentions that he personally stopped using the live site setting due to issues it caused on his website.
- He explains that the live site setting can be changed in the file manager of your web hosting account, not within Joomla's configuration area.
- Tim shows how to access the configuration PHP file using cPanel's file manager.
- He demonstrates that the live site setting is currently set to his website's URL and that his website is working fine.
- Tim explains that he found recommendations suggesting leaving the live site setting blank in most cases.
- He shares that he did some searching and found advice on OS Training's page stating that the live site setting should generally be left blank in newer Joomla versions.
- Tim talks about forum posts he found for older Joomla versions and how some users mentioned needing to use the live site setting due to poorly configured web hosts.
- He emphasizes that, personally, he prefers leaving the live site setting empty and not worrying about it.
- Tim mentions a tool added to his Joomla site by Phil Taylor that can automatically fix the live site setting.
- He demonstrates how to use the tool to remove the live site value from the configuration PHP file.
- Tim reiterates that for most users, leaving the live site setting blank is recommended.
- He encourages viewers to share their insights about the live site setting in the comments.
- Tim promotes his Joomla-related resources and giveaways and thanks viewers for their support.
- The video ends with a call to subscribe, leave comments, and offers thanks to the audience.

Monday Maintenance 040


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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