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You may be really great at picking secure passwords for your Joomla account, but are the other people creating accounts on your site as careful? You can set up your Joomla site to require users to create passwords that are hard to guess or hack. How to change the password strength setting in Joomla is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.




 - The video is about increasing the password strength setting in Joomla.
- The host is Tim Davis, discussing the topic in a live stream.
- Vinny suggested this topic for the live stream.
- The host congratulates the winner of September's giveaway.
- Instructions are given on how to access the password options in Joomla.
- Password settings can be customized for length, characters, numbers, symbols, and uppercase letters.
- The host provides tips on creating stronger passwords.
- The importance of using more complex passwords is emphasized for better security.
- The host recommends having unique passwords for each site.
- The host talks about Vinny's new website, an old time radio podcast.
- The podcast is available on "Kyle of Old Time Radio."
- There's a mention of regular labs advanced module manager.
- Collaboration and playlist sharing on YouTube channels are discussed.
- A link to the YouTube video mentioned by John is shared.
- The host interacts with John and Vinny in the live stream chat.

Monday Maintenance 059


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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