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Finally, an Open Graph Meta Tags extension that allows you to enter your OG meta tags into the core of Joomla! That means you won't lose all of your hard work and time as Joomla versions come ago. Join us as John Moelholt, the developer behind hotoMeta, introduces and demonstrates this exciting new Joomla extension and talks about the future features he has planned for it.



  • The transcript is from a live stream on YouTube about a Joomla extension called "hotoMeta Open Graph Meta Tags."
    - The extension is designed to add Open Graph meta tags to Joomla articles.
    - The creator of the extension is John from Denmark, who has a background in information technology and web development.
    - John explains that he switched back to Joomla from WordPress because he believes Joomla offers more flexibility and better data management for websites.
    - The extension uses custom fields in Joomla to add meta tags to articles, making it easy to manage the metadata.
    - John demonstrates how to set up and configure the extension by creating field groups and fields.
    - The extension allows for automatic generation of meta tags, including the author's name, based on categories and other criteria.
    - It is a simple and lightweight solution for adding Open Graph meta tags to Joomla articles.
    - The goal of the extension is to provide a straightforward way to add metadata without unnecessary features.
    - The name "hotoMeta" is a combination of "hometown" and "meta" and reflects the purpose of the extension.
    - The extension supports various field types, but John recommends using text and text area fields for Open Graph tags.
    - It ensures that the metadata is stored with the article content, making it easy to manage.
    - Users can configure which categories the extension should apply to and set default values for meta tags.
    - The extension simplifies the process of adding Open Graph meta tags to Joomla articles, enhancing social media sharing and search engine optimization.

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