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The Referrer Policy Header gives you control over what site path information is passed along to other sites when you visitors click an external link.



  • Video title: "Use the Referrer Policy Header for your Joomla Site - 🛠 MM Live Stream #168 - YouTube"
    - Presenter: Tim Davis
    - Discussing a security header for Joomla websites - Referrer Policy Header
    - Introduction to the topic and acknowledgment of viewers
    - Video sponsored by, offering site audits and management tools
    - Explanation of referrer information when clicking links between websites
    - Referrer Policy Header gives control over information shared with other sites
    - Reference to Scott Helm's detailed explanation of the header
    - Instructions to access and edit .htaccess file in cPanel for setting the policy
    - Explanation of different referrer policy settings (no refer, https, downgrade, etc.)
    - Demonstration of adding policy code to .htaccess file
    - Mention of upcoming content on the channel, including live streams
    - Tool demonstration for translating video subtitles into various languages
    - Brief mention of thumbnail blaster tool for creating thumbnails
    - Interaction with viewers in the live chat and responses to comments

Monday Maintenance 168


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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