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In this video we look at whether or not you need all the types and versions of file_fof30, file_fof40, FOF, and FOF30 files in your Joomla extension. Please pay close attention to the details presented in this video because there are a few ways you can break your Joomla site doing these things. So, as always, remember to backup your Joomla site before trying this at home or work!



- Video discusses removing FOF files from Joomla site
- Host: Tim Davis, Joomla enthusiast
- Sponsored by
- Extension issue from Joomla Facebook group
- FOF files made by Nicholas from Akeeba
- Importance of backing up site before making changes
- Explanation of various FOF file versions:
- FOF 30: Needed if using Akeeba extension before March 2, 2021
- FOF 40: Needed if using Akeeba extension after March 2, 2021
- FOF 2.4.3: Core Joomla, necessary, don't remove
- Introduction to Akeeba's "Magic Eraser" extension
- Download and usage of Magic Eraser:
- Drag and drop installation
- Automatically removes obsolete extensions
- Clears outdated Akeeba files
- Emphasis on careful execution, backup, and following provided links for detailed steps
- Removing unnecessary files helps prepare for Joomla 4 update
 Monday Maintenance 205


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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