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John Dagelmore of has released a new extension: Jshortcodes for Joomla and in this video we're going to take a first look at it.

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Here's a summary of the provided transcript in bullet points:

- Title: "First Look at Jshortcodes for Joomla - 👀 WMW 202 - YouTube"
- Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, is hosting a live stream on Joomla extensions.
- The live stream is sponsored by, offering site management tools and information.
- Tim introduces "J short codes," an extension from John Dagamore, the creator of Json Map Pro for Joomla.
- He explores the extension's features and functionality.
- Tim demonstrates how to insert shortcodes for different widgets, like accordions, on a Joomla site.
- He briefly discusses configuration settings for the extension.
- Tim tries to create accordion-style content with titles but faces some difficulties.
- He refers to a PDF document for guidance on shortcode syntax.
- Tim interacts with viewers' comments during the live stream.
- He experiments with various shortcode attributes to style the content.
- Tim explores the possibility of using template overrides to modify the shortcode appearance.
- The live stream provides a glimpse of the extension's capabilities, showing dynamic content effects.

Please note that the transcript is quite long and detailed, so this summary covers the main points.



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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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